Business planning for enduring social impact

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Leading enduring approaches to social impact demands patience, commitment, and the wisdom to adapt to conditions the marketplace of the future will reward.

Development Impact Solutions (DiMPACT) is a consulting firm that collaborates with stakeholders engaged in socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development, with the goal of co-creating and facilitating solutions which will have a positive and enduring impact upon society.

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DiMPACT offers a wide range of services including strategic planning, project management. “ How to Impact brought amazing rigour and discipline to our process of assessing new business opportunities and worked with us from planning to completion to bring the concept to life and a clothing brand on a social mission.

Business Planning for Enduring Social Impact draws on Root Cause's unique business planning methodology, developed through consulting engagements with dozens of organizations, and through the organization's experience with the Root Cause social enterprises that it has started and grown.

The guide is the first in a series of Root Cause How-to. WS/FCS Unit Planning Organizer Subject(s) Social Studies Conceptual Lenses trade and business impacted the economic and social development of various medieval societies (e.g.

Feudalism, Agricultural Revolution, civilizations in terms of their enduring cultural impact. 3 “Unpacked” Concepts (students need to know).

Scenario Planning allows executives to explore and prepare for several alternative futures. Contingency Planning assesses what effect sudden market changes or business disruptions might have on a company and devises strategies to deal with them.

Business planning for enduring social impact
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