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Mantras Versus Missions

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Remember when blogs were secluded to LiveJournal and reserved for nerdy niches? Well, those days are long gone as blogging for business has become a staple of every marketing strategy.

Business blogging is as essential to marketing a business as the yellowpages once were and if you haven't adopted the practice yet, you may be at a. Absolutely Spot on with this article.

I have had a similar experience in IT sales, a competitor implemented a project for their customer under “Best Practices” standards and left the project after a year, we came in utilizing continuous improvement and were able to win the customer over and continue to do business.

Blog How to write to happy customers. Search More results Exact matches only Advice and tips () Bids and tenders (10) Book reviews (1) offering specialist business-writing training and consultancy services to private and public sector organisations all over the world.

We also run open writing-skills courses, which are. Need help writing better business emails in English?

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Here's your complete guide to writing the perfect email! The words “pleased,” “happy Business English Tips; Business English Vocab and Grammar; Guest Post with FluentU. Learn More about Guest Posting; About FluentU. FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world.

Big Ideas for Small Business. Editor/Primary Writer: Barbara Weltman Favorite Recent Article: “ Tax Issues for Spouses Co-owning Businesses.” Spouses who co-own a business have special tax issues and the blog addresses tax filing and what happens if couples divorce.

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Business writing blog 2006 tips for a happy
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