Criteria for evaluating childrens literature

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The Fantasy Genre

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Choosing Children's Books: Cultural Relevance Rubric

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Children’s Literature Guide: Elizabeth Kennedy,

general criteria -plot -theme -characterization -point of view -setting -style -format plot -series of selected action of characters in a particular setting to revel a theme -usually 1st thing kids ask about -children more interested in action not description (litter house on perie is exception) theme -author intent or message -what th author wants kid.

Evaluating Children’s Literature & Books Perhaps to the adult mind, children’s literature is little more than a collection of colorful pictures but to the young reader, these books could be gateways to a world of imagination and creativity.

How to Choose Books for Students

Still others have used the rubric as a basis for class discussion of a text they read aloud to the class or that the class read for a literature study. We have provided examples of books that fit each question from the rubric in Culturally Relevant Books in the ELL Classroom. -author intent or message-what th author wants kid to think about after reading the book -textless/wordless books (for parents who chant read they are great opportunity for them to read w child) - ie the arrival for older kids, also great for writing prompts.

Criteria for evaluating childrens literature
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Evaluating Children's Literature & Books