Learn to read and write arabic quran for kids

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Arabic Reading Course

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7 Fun Ways to Teach Your Children the Arabic Letters

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Arabic for kids

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Quran For Children

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Basic Reading

Arabic Reading & Writing For Kids. Learn How to Read, Write, Type and Converse in Arabic in 10 weeks. In this course, students are practiced to read The Holy Quran, identify the vowel marks of the words and grasp the basic Arabic grammar and the letters of Alphabet.

After going through this course, students become able to read the Holy. Recognising and learning and Arabic letters is something we all try to teach our children from young, to set them up for the eventual ability to read the Quran.

Learning the Arabic letters should be as easy and fun as it is to learn the letters of any other alphabet. Teaching kids to read and recite from the Quran is a task every Muslim parent undertakes.

There has been a lot of research by reading specialists in how to help children learn. Download Learn Arabic: Learn Arabic (Arabic Language Learning Guide in English & Urdu for Beginners) and many other apps.

For Free. Learn Alif, Ba, Ta, Tha and Jeem. Learn to "Audhu billahi." and "Bismillah " which we recite before reading Quran. Join a halaqa (group) of kids helping their teachers discover an animal mentioned in Quran. Especially, it’s extremely interesting for your kids and adults to start to learn Quran online with tajweed; how to recite the Holy Quran online.

Our Online tutors or online Quran teacher gives extremely fine instruction on the laws of TAJWEED and helps you and children to read the Quran .

Learn to read and write arabic quran for kids
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